CIFA concrete-mixers have an excellent mixing capacity and a large geometric volume. In addition, the mixers from 7 to 15m ³ a very light. You can order them with or without auxiliary motor. And we assemble them for you: on trucks with three or four axles, the mixers 10 or 15m ³ on trailers with two or three axes.

DOUBLE ROLLERS with sling bar are installed under the HD9 and HD12+ drum in order to guarantee a perfect balance of the drum for all job conditions. They are bolted for easy maintenance and adjusting.

DISCHARGING CHUTE: The discharging chute, which is hot galvanized, is driven by a manual cylinder. The also available hydraulic lifting system is driven by a manual pump.

WATER FILLING: All CIFA truck mixers come with two quick joint water fillers, situated on both front sides of the supporting frame.

High coefficient of drum replenishment, perfect mixing blades design for a better concrete mixing. A lower center of gravity of the truck mixer guarantees a better driving position and more balanced loads distribution.

The drum is realized in anti wear materials with different thicknesses (up to 8 mm), due to parts that more suffer from concrete corrosive action.

Dimensions and in particular the construction drawing of the blades optimize load and unload operations and safeguard homogeneity of the concrete.

The internal zone of the blades has a special anti attrition system that limits abrasions and increases its duration.

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