CIFA concrete pumps with the four-, five-and six-sections booms (24m – 62m) you can use CIFA concrete pumps everywhere – even in hard to reach places. Cifa offers different boom configurations with a choice of pumping elements with a throughput of 90-180m ³ / hour.

The K 42L truck mounted concrete pump is the perfect choice for small and medium sites. It is adequate when a relevant delivery capacity is needed: bridges and deep pours, car parking and basements. The pump can be equipped both with an open loop and closed loop pumping unit to reach the highest performances.


Booms on CIFA truck mounted pumps combine robustness and reliability. Each section was designed to have maximum structural resistance, reducing to a minimum areas subject to stress.


Different boom configurations of CIFA truck mounted pumps guarantee maximum operation, versatility and allow to reach any area of the worksite, even those hardly accessible, guaranteeing rapidity when manoeuvring.

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